Specializing in the Art and Science of Structural Integration

Avi Kolton, massage therapist

AVI KOLTON BODYWORK specializes in the art and science of STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION (The Ida Rolf Method , Rolfing). He offers his services at Prime Time Fitness on Sullivan's Island and at Spirit Moves in West Ashley. His education includes a five hundred hour massage training program From the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy , Active Isolated Stretching workshops and clinical experience with Aaron Mettes , Connective Tissue work and Structural Integration with John Latz, Orthopedic massage with Ben Benjamin, clinical sport massage with James Waslaski and biomechanics of alignment with Liz Gaggini. Other areas of study include craniosacral therapy (Milne Institute) and scar tissue work ( with Sharon Hancoff ).

STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION is a whole body approach to alignment, balance and renewal. Through a hands-on process of lengthening and reorganizing the connective tissue system, we release old holding patterns and areas of restrictions so the body can assume itís natural alignment with earthís gravitational force.

Structural Integration is a progressive process where each session (10 all together) lays the foundation for the next. It is a journey of accumulating changes. This process relieves chronic pain and stress and produces a body that is taller, lighter and more upright, with greater balance and increased energy.


Assisted Active Isolated Stretching (AAIS)

Developed by Aaron Mettes, AAIS is a safe and efficient method designed to safely increase the range of motion in all joints. The short duration of the stretches, typical to this method, eliminate the counter productivity and the risk of injuries inherent in a long duration stretching. There are number of benefits to actively engage in the movement.

  1. Unloading the tension from the muscles being stretched.
  2. Strengthening the muscles engaged in the movement.
  3. Increasing blood flow to the joint.
  4. Increasing body awareness
  5. Improving the neurological process of a dysfunctional structure (as in paralysis ).

AAIS is an excellent way to assess the body and at the same time to address issues of asymmetry in joint range of motion. You will learn a safe and efficient stretching method to support your daily activities, sports related or otherwise . AAIS is a crucial adjunct to any athletic activity, reducing the risks of injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage relieves tension in the deeper layers of muscle and their connective tissue. The technique employs slower strokes and more pressure than a surface massage, targeting specific muscle tissues for pain relief and eliminating or reducing scar tissue and adhesions.